Demo Reel

A compilation of my work on recent projects, featuring my most exotic and glorious shots, from the underwater shoot for Ballade to the abstract visuals of the Electric Circus concert, this short clip summarizes years of adventures in shooting and editing for film.

Climate Change – A Dangerous Path

A short documentary on fossil fuels, and their impacts on our planet and society. Featuring interviews from the David Suzuki Foundation and the Green Party.

Focus Season Two – Intro & Trailer

The now iconic intro to Focus Season Two and the show’s trailer show off the quality of content that can be achieved through careful planning and efficient shooting, the trailer having been shot and edited in under a week.

Music Videos

Shooting in exotic locations, large sets, and crowds of extras, these videos were a joy to shoot and edit, and the final results speak for themselves.

More Content

Looking for more? Check out more videos and side projects on my YouTube channel.

Portraiture & Headshots

Whether you want to display your professionalism with a clean and sharp headshot or show off your style with a portrait, you’ve found the right place.

Promotional Shots

Whether you’re putting on a film, a play, a series, or something completely unique, you’ve found the right place for poster design and promotional photos.

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Show Coverage

When you’re putting on a performance, it’s crucial to have top quality photo and video coverage to ensure that your event will live on long past it’s closing night.