Campus App

Bringing Students Together

In light of recent events with Covid 19, students coming in to university don’t have access to the same experiences as would be traditional.

Core Concept

What’s Different

Unlike large social networks, this experience is restricted to specifically university students, verifying them with school issued email. It suggests people based on unique criteria like course schedule, place of origin, and major/concentration. These data points are specific to a campus restricted social platform and help bridge the gap between distant students.

Core Ideas


A restriction to university students keeps content out of the public internet, on a secure and gated platform. Campus based activities and class related information can freely be shared knowing that it is among one’s fellow students.


Verification with school IDs provides another level of online safety and provides a robust system for holding platform users accountable, enabling an environment more free from abuse than is possible on other platforms.


Easy and intuitive matching based on common metrics, interests, and academic information makes the platform easy and approachable. As a data aggregation system, this application makes it easy to find people to connect with, and provides an easy way to connect to these people on established social platforms.

Closed Beta Testing in Progress!

[Android beta]
Please follow this link to sign up

[Desktop users]
You may use the Android app using the Bluestacks emulator.

[iOS users]
The iOS version is in progress. If you are interested in helping or want more info contact me at

I’m also currently looking for beta testers on Android and interested developers with experience in Android, iOS,, and or web development who may want to join the project.

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